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Favourite anime director: Shinichiro Watanabe

"It actually kind of sucks having to be a director. Once you do it, you discover how hard it really is. This is no kind of a job for a human being, let me tell you. I think I ought to quit, but I can’t really do anything else!"


overusing my red circle lenses in selfies until my other pair arrives


Ayyy, does anyone on here like Kuroko No Basuke or Gekkan Shoujo? I hope so~ :D I remade the Gekkan Shoujo OP to KnB for my animation class! Hope you guys dig it! ♥



Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important



world’s cutest mail girl



someone on the WoW beta manage to trigger a bug which filled his base with an infinite number of respawning skeletons, which followed him to the graveyard when he died and won’t go away even after he’s been killed repeatedly, abandoned the quest which summoned them, and logged out and back in again, so he’s trapped as a corpse until it is fixed


world of warcraft finally replaced with superior game “infinite skeleton hell”


Patty-Jo ‘n Ginger, a single-panel cartoon by Jackie Ormes.

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Please DON’T remove the source or my caption

Artist: MENたいこ

Pixiv Id: 45321815

every single time i write sins not tragedies starts playing: haha, ohhhh this song. man oh i shouldnt sing it this time i havent heard it in so long. naahh not gonna do it. i dont even remember how it- OH, WELL IMAGINE, AS IM PACING THE PEWS IN A CHURCH CORRIDOR